Everyday millions of people commute on the River Nile. Here are some of the things that happen everyday on the Nile.

Tourism: Everyday there are numerous luxury cruisers, and traditional Egyptian sailing boats travelling up and down the Nile. These boats will drop you off at tourist attractions, so you can look at them, (but remember to get back onboard the boat in time or the boat will leave without you).

Farming: There are hundreds of farms along the Nile, and usually farmers use boats to transport items (such as rice, wheat, cattle, and hay) between locations on the Nile.

Fishing: Almost everyone who lives on the Nile would have done some fishing at one time in their life or another, and for some fishing is a main source of income and wealth. Each year thousands of tonnes of fish are caught.

A Hieroglphic showing a man hoeing the ground, with a woman behind him sowing the seeds.

A man uses a cow to pump water on to his crops.


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