The Aswan High Dam, when it was build created Lake Nasser, Lake Nasser Streches back 270 kilometres from the Dam. The Lake has also created alot more land for people to farm on. This is because a lot of water is stored in the lake, and in turn this water can be used to irrigate land around the lake. Lake Nasser has also created a big fishing industry, which produces 25,000 tonnes of fish a year, the fishing industry is aiming to produce 100,000 tonnes by the year 2000.

Unfortunately this dam has caused a big change to the lifes of farmers downstream from the dam. Usually when the river flooded once a year before the dam was built. It deposited fertile soil from upstream on its banks downstream. This washed up soil was extremely furtile, and renewed itself every year at in flood season. But now, since the dam was built the annual flood has been stopped. Causing all the farmers downstream to have to use fertilizers to grow their crops, which makes it more expensive.

The Aswan High Dam is also used to create hydro-electricity for Egypt,
Quote from a book in my school library:: "in the 1980's this dam was providing half of Egypt's Electricity, but by the 1990's this had fallen as energy demands increased. The electric power capacity of the Aswan High Dam is: 2.1 gigawatts (GW). It consists of 12 Hydro-Generators each rated at 175 MW. Egypt currently has a total installed generating capacity of 16.6 gigawatts (GW) compared to 3.8 GW in 1976, thus the percentage contribution by the High dam has decreased from over half the total electricity generation to less than 13%. This percentage will continue to decrease as more thermal power plants are added. Total capacity expected to be 26 GW by 2010."


Some of the Hydroelectric Generators at Aswan High Dam.

When the Aswan high dam was built, the entire Temple of Abu Simel was shifted, so it wouldn't be flooded and destroyed when Lake Nasser filled up.

The temple is now located on the edge of Lake Nasser.


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