Welcome to MBarron.net Web Hosting!

Let me tell you the past, my previous webhost, had 1134 clients on the one machine, of course the machine was slow and unstable, One day I just couldn't take it any more and MBarron.net Web Hosting was created!

I promise never to overload the box, I plan never to push the load average into the red. I ain't in this to turn a massive profit, I just need the cash to cover the rent on the server and the cost of processing payments and invoices. The main reason I am running the server is that I am sick of the poor service I have received over the years from various hosts.

So do you want a Web Host that treats you politely and actually provides a reasonable service!
Look No Further, you have seen the light!

I will of course reserve the right, to kick out anyone abusing the server or hosting legally questionable content!

Goto the signup page if you are interested.