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A program that decodes 4 or 5 band coded resistors.

And now it can do the reverse, type a value and get the colourcode of both a 4 & 5 band resistor.
NEW: It can also find the nearest neighbour E12 & E24 series resistor.
What more could you ask for!



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If you detect/find any errors in my program or if a download isn't working.
Email me immediately at:
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Download Resistor Colourcode Decoder 1.8

Just run the setup program and your all set to go!
Uninstaller and start menu items will all done for you.�

If you discover/have any errors/problems. Don't Hesitate to email me at
[email protected]

Version History:

Future Features or Things Yet to Come:
+ VtoC: Decimal or Fractional Ohmage support

+Few minor bug fixes, E12&E24 series now works properly
with very small and very large resistances.
+Added some very helpful pointer symbols to the value to
colours area, thanks for the suggestion Sam ;-)

vDelphi-1.7 Current Released 10th August 2002
+Added Find Nearest Neighbour E12 & E24 series Resistor.
+Added Spiffy pic of yours truly! Look in the about box.
+Fixed bug in 5 band creation code that gave 100 instead of
10 ohms, in the displayed colourcode. (thanks to Mary for
pointing this out.)

+Fully running delphi powered version. No Runtimes!
+Executable Size only 179kB!
+Uninstaller Plus Setup program added.
+Once again I must praise borland for such a wonderful easy
programming application, Delphi is VB without the excess baggage.
The Price tag being ZERO helps alot too!

+My first Delphi program.
I completely rewrote this program in Delphi 6.
I expect there to be bugs, and I still have to write
the Value to colors part again. Delphi is so much better
than Visual basic 6 though.

v1.4-Released 11th November 2001
+Added 4&5 band colours creator.
+Numerous code cleanups.
+Slighty less cpu resource hogging.
+Some small cosmetic alterations.

+Fixed the annoyance of the program not appearing in the taskbar.
+Changed the background colour of the resistor so you could see the yellow bands.
+Other small editations.

+Added 5 band code capability.
+Fixed bug in Abbreviated value that read 10k as 1k.
+Fixed the 9999 Gigaohms overflow bug. (Why did I ever let it go that high 8-]

Initial alpha release, very buggy.