Domain Names

I can setup domain names for you, but I have to charge a fee for the added administrative duties that go with it. I am asking $20AUD plus the yearly cost of the domain.

Think of a domain name as the postal address for your website, without a domain people are going to have a hard time trying to get to your website!

Its not too hard to setup your own domain, when asked for the Domain Name Servers enter these

Primary dns Server:
Primary DNS IP Address:
Secondary DNS Server:
Secondary DNS IP Address:

Other countries domains like, .jp, .mx, .ru can be hosted on my server, but you will have to organise your own registration. When asked for your name server(s) just enter the addresses listed above.

I can offer for no extra cost. is currently the cheapest place to register a domain name, I use and prefer their services. ".com/.net/.org" all ~$15AUD/year

I highly suggest getting a generic no ".au" domain, Australian domains cost twice as much, because of certain governmental legistrations.

Australian domain names are a somewhat more difficult affair as they cost a lot more than generic .com/.net/.org domains and some of the tld's like and require you to have an australian business name to register them, but you can get away with registering them as long as your choosen name doesn't already have a simular pre existing australian domain.

I suggest checking out for info about obtaining an australian .au domain name.

Last time I checked, you will be looking at paying atleast $50AUD/year for an Australian domain.