Hosting Packages

Need a Domain Name?, see my domain name page.

Pricing: If you bring your own domain name:
Monthly Transfers: Price per Month
Price per Month
1 Gig (Gig is 1000 Megabytes) $5.00 $3.00
5 Gig (5000MB) $10.00 $5.00
10 Gig (10,000MB) $15.00 $8.00
20 Gig (20,000MB) $25.00 $10.00
Excess Gigs** $1.50 $0.70
Need More? Contact me and we can make a deal!

*AUD: Australian Dollar
*USD: American Dollar

For the uninitiated, transfer is the number of times your webpage can be viewed by people browsing the net, The more images, videos and any other multimedia you have on your site the more quickly your transfer will be used up.
For a point of reference, one of my websites(click to visit) pulls in about a 300-1000 visitors a day, and hardly ever goes over 4 gigs a month. A video archive on the other hand, could easily use 4 gigs a day!

If you are over your limit, I'll email you and I may ignore the excess transfer, if you are way over (more than 300MB) I will need to discuss extra payment with you.

**: The excess gigage fee will be around $1.50AUD per gig, this will be applied till you are way in excess(5 gigs or more) of your allotted transfer, if this happens we will have to discuss further bandwidth options.

All Accounts Include:
100 MB Disk Space (Upto 300MB for free, just ask me)
20 POP Email accounts(I can up this to 50 for free, just ask me)
Your Own CGI-BIN
Raw Access Logs + Webalizer Statistics Creator
Email forwarders & auto responders
Free Installation of a Forum and/or Shopping Cart E-Commerce scripts
SSH Telnet Access
HTTPS & SSL encrytion support (needs a special certificate, ask me)
1x MySQL database.
More available on request.
Reseller Accounts Available on request.
I am open to suggestions. Simply ask if you require something special.