Signup Details

For those who are lucky enough to have a credit card, payment can be made quite easily, via the or online payment service.
You don't even have to give your credit card details to me, the credit card processing company handles the actual transaction.

Once you have decided to sign up, contact me using the details on the contact page and I will return your message as soon as possible with the details of payment, and the nescessary technical details for your account.

Don't have a credit card?, don't worry I accept these other forms of payments.

Money Orders In Australian dollars only!

I must wait for cheques to clear before I can create your account. Please don't send cheques in any other currency other than Australian dollars. This includes bank drafts.

Cheques will only be accepted for 6 months or more, of hosting in advance.


If you are going to post cash, hide it in between some cardboard sheets before posting::
(NOTE::: I don't recommend this method, nor will I take responsibility for items lost in the post,, not that I have ever had Australia Post lose one of my letters yet! :-)

Direct australian Bank Wire Transfer

With the majority of banks in Australia offering internet banking services, you can send me money quickly, cheaply and safely from your own home.
Use these details:
Recipent Account Name: Michael Barron
Bank Name: Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Bank Branch: Glenside, Adelaide, 5064.
BSB no: 065125
Account Number: 10006591

Or alternatively use the service.

For those of you which have a pre exsisting paypal account, I can accept paypal payments made to "[email protected]"

This is an american service though so please check the approiate exchange rates, to make sure it equals the australian dollar amount on your invoice.

Bank Draft or
Bank Cheque
Only in Australian Dollars, and only for 6 months of hosting in advance.